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A big thing I see a lot is people asking is how much others spend on groceries or how to reduce their grocery bill. It shocks me a bit to see people spending up to $400+ a week on groceries.

As a family of 5 we spend an average of $130 a week, if includes formula and nappies. Most weeks I spend $80-100 then I buy meat in bulk once a month.

A lot of you would probably look at that and think I don’t eat but we all eat a very well balanced diet and don’t miss out on those little treats either.

1. Firstly plan out your meals, now I’m no queen at this but it is one thing I am working on massively. Look at you have already in your fridge, freezer and pantry and see whats on special for the week to help you plan.

2. Make a list. I usually have a list going on the fridge of things we have run out of that I will add to once I’ve done up my meal plan.

3. Shop online. I started shopping online when I had just two kids and found it was so much easier. Not only do you want have kids in your ear about what they want but you can also see your total as you go and clearly see the cheapest brands/specials as you look for items.

3. If you don’t need it this week then don’t get it. Do you have enough washing power to last the week? If so don’t buy more, its just money you don’t need to spend.

4. Shop around, check out your local markets, see what cheaper at each shop. If you are determined to buy brand name items check out online sites like grocery run, you can get snacks, cleaning products and a whole range of non perishable items at great prices.

I hope that helps you reduce your shopping bill. If you have any questions leave them in the comments box and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Cheap Ass Mum

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  1. I saw a lot of website but I think this one contains something
    special in it.

  2. Awesome tips! Thank you!

  3. great tips here!! I usually plan my meals for the week and I love shopping at the local markets!! But i think I need to stop buying what I don`t need for the following week !! thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Cheapassmum says:

      Thank you, only buying what you really need that week makes a huge difference. People often have a fear of running out of things. Try dating items when you buy them to help you work out how long it takes you to use them. Once you know you can easy workout how often you need to buy it.

  4. Great tips! Everytime I bring my daughter to the grocery it’s another 50 bucks!!! I’ve got to do wayyyy more online grocery shopping.

  5. I try and live by the above but being a single mum who works full time. Time is of the essence. I struggle to have the time to be able to shop around and shopping on line can take forever to set up. I know this all sounds very negative but I’m always in a hurry and would love a solution I can make work

    1. Cheapassmum says:

      I find if add things to the shopping cart as I run out of it then it doesn’t take as long. You can download apps for doing the shopping now. It can take a bit to do the first few times but once you have it set up its quicker then going to the shops. I do mine every Wednesday night once the kids are in bed (or most of them) I focus on it.

  6. I am hopeless at meal planning and find it overwhelming, I’m on the hunt to find a website or blog with some inexpensive things and variety, to help make it less overwhelming and budget friendly

    1. Cheapassmum says:

      I’m not the best at meal planning either but keep an eye out on the blog for more info on meal planning and some great recipes.

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