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Oh baby $$$

Having a baby will most likely be one of the most expensive things you ever do. From even before they are born till they move out of the home.

But in the beginning how much do you really need to spend?

If your having your first child it can be easy to get caught up the super long and super expensive baby lists you get when you walk into the baby shop.

But the reality is that you really don’t need half the stuff on those lists and you most definitely don’t need to spend the big bucks.

As long as you have somewhere for baby to sleep, a carseat, clothes and nappies/wipes everything else is just extra.

Out of those the only thing I suggest you buy new and spend a little extra on is a carseat. Keeping your child safe in the car is so important and a car accident can happen when you less expect it. Check out and

For everything thing else check out your local bss pages on Facebook or the Facebook marketplace.

So what I bought for baby L

  • Double pram second hand $250
  • Cot second and mattress hand but brand new free
  • Clothes 0000-00 second hand free
  • 3×00000 outfits new $10
  • 3× 0000 leggings $6
  • Bottle teats $10
  • Dummy $7
  • Breast pads and maturity pads $20
  •  Nappies $25

Everything else I was lucky to still have from the other 3 kids but other then the car seat I could of easily picked up for about $200 all up second hand.

So before you go putting on massive laybys or maxing out your cards have a look at the online at what is available second hand and save yourself a lot of money.

Cheap ass mum

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