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End of year gifts on a budget

The end of the year is sneaking up fast, whether you need a gift for the kids teachers, co worker or secret santa all the extra little presents can add up quickly.

Here are some great end of year gifts that will cost you next to nothing.

Bake up a batch of these amazing cookies and decorate how you please for an yummy gift. You can dress up some old jars, tins (like formula tins) or just pop a few into some cellophane with a bit of ribbon to make a super yummy gift. LLP
  • Homemade sugar scrub

Sugar scrub sound luxurious but it’s super simple to make. The two main ingredients are sugar and a type on oil wether it be olive oil, coconut oil or even avocado oil. There are 100s of simple recipes out there but checkout these great ones from the Patchwork Cactus and Things For Boys. Just pop the finished product into some jars with a bit of ribbon and your done.

Sugar Scrub by Things For Boys
  • Formula tin pot plants

Have a bit of a green thumb? Plants are a great addition to a classroom, daycare or office. For school and daycare it gives future children a chance to learn about plants and how to look after them. Formula tins make great pots, just pop some holes in the bottom, a few stones, potting mix and your favourite plant. You can jazz them up with a little spray paint for a pop of colour.

  • Jelly Soap

I came across jelly soap while doing some late night googling for an new activity to do with the older kids. The fact it used stuff we already had around the house was really catching for me (nothing worse then finding a cool idea and then have to do a whole shopping trip for it). Jelly soap is cheap to make, fun to get the kids involved with and makes great present. Here is a recipe from Bustle.

Jelly Soap by Bustle
  • Books

As technology takes over books seem to get cheaper by the day but they are an important tool to a childs learning. A book makes a prefect gift for your childs teacher or childcare centre. Write a little message and watch you be enjoyed for years to come.

Diary of a Wombat by Jackie French and Bruce Whatley

I hope you all enjoyed this gift guide and find something to fit into your budget this year.

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