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The cheap ass Christmas.

It’s well and truly Christmas time, I usually love Christmas but so far this year I am struggling to feel it. The kids are getting grumpy amd tired, hubby and I are tired after a stressful year so its just really not feeling like Christmas.

So some of you may think how does a cheap ass mum do Christmas? Well I can tell you in two words, REALLY BADLY! 

This year I am so behind, over my non existent budget and just to tired to give a dam. With baby L being just two month old I just haven’t been able to focus on it at all. (Maybe next year I’ll be more organized and be actually able to share some tips with you)

So what have I gotten the kids for Christmas? As I am on the road to becoming a minimalist I have tried to really limit the amount of toys the kids have and get. I put it out to family not to buy the kids toys and we would prefer them to buy vouches to places around town or put money towards an activity or sport or school items for the older kids. 

We also have limited the amount of toys we have gotten them and tried to get things to encourage them to use their imagination. I will do up a list of what my kids are getting for Christmas (make sure you subscribe to the website as it won’t be on the facebook page)

We have also limited who we are buying for this year and hopefully will limit that even more next year. 

I will be taking a short break over Christmas to spend time with my lovely family and work on a few bit for some other blogs but don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss anything (you might even get a few sneaky subscribe only posts). I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas

Cheap ass mun

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