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Stop the parent shaming!

After seeming a very well known and popular company who’s products are targeted at mums who shamed parents for what they named their children I was fuming.

I see parent shaming (I as a parent because even though mums seem to get hit with the most dads aren’t safe from shaming either) on a daily basis in the world of the internet and no one seems to be safe from it. People seem to have the need to put someone down and for what reason?

Why do people feel they have a right to comment on what someone names their baby, how someone feeds their baby, whether they work or stay home, whether they made a organic, home grown, non perservative meal that took them 3 hours to cook or they just simply ordered pizza tonight.

Unless someone is putting their child in danger (and I tell you now what they feed their kids does not count as putting them in danger) then you mind your own dam business. It’s not your child and no one walks the same path. And even if they are putting their child in danger then you offer love and support not jump down their neck.

People seem to forget that everyone has something else going on that is effecting them. Being a parent is hard and stressful at times. But that one comment could be a tipping point for someone. That one comment could be the reason a parent is up crying during the name, that one comment could be the reason a parent walks away feeling like they have failed their family, that one comment could be the reason a parent doesn’t make it till the next day.

So I ask of you all please stop the mummy shaming in 2019

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