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Back to school savings

It’s almost that time of year again were we send the kids back to school and drink a bottle of wine out of relief that we survived it (or celebration it’s all over). But before we get there we have to do the dreaded back to school shopping.

Sending your kids to school can be an expensive time straight after Christmas. It can be overwhelming for some family at the cost of it. But it really doesn’t need to cost as much as you think. So day I will share with you some of my top tips on cuting that cost down.

My biggest tip is to shop around, you don’t have to buy from the schools preferred supplier. Officeworks is offering a 20% price beat guarantee so if it’s cheaper on your book list they will beat it by 20% which is great as they stock most work books. But also check out kmart, bigw and even aldi for your basic essentials.

If you have older kids who are needing things like laptops or tablets check out online stores like kogan and dicksmith or even have a look on your local market place. You might be surprised at what you will find.

School uniforms can also be a big cost. Most public schools allow tops without the school logo then kmart, bigw and best n less have a range of school tops for as little as $4 each. If you need to have tops with the school logo then check out your local buy sell swap pages, second hand shop or see if your school has second hand clothes for sale in the uniform shop.

Now if you have more then one then getting labels for them all can add up as well. I suggest using just their last name or first name. I use last name as its easy to past stuff down and it doesn’t matter which one of my children it gets returned to. I have in the pass put two first names on a label and cut them in half to save money while they were younger and didn’t really know their last name (this can be hard if they have a common first name)

Lunch boxes for one thing I suggest you spend a little more one at first as you will get longer out of them. In the first 3 years of my eldest being at school we have been through 9 lunch boxes ranging $10-$20. It adds up so this year I have gotten him a go green lunch box that will hopefully see him through the next few years. Drink bottles I’m a little less inclined to buy expensive ones as they lose them more then them breaking. Bigw had smash drink bottles on sales for $2 so I stocked up on them for all the kids to use at school and home. We refill then and keep in the fridge so they can just grab a bottle each morning.

Doing go sending your grocery bill through the roof with buying premade snacks for the kids. Pop a batch of muffins or scrolls in the oven on the weekend or pop some popcorn. You can check our our recipe tab or Facebook for our go to cheap and easy recipes.

Well I hoped I covered everything. If something if missing or you have a question pop it in the comments and I’ll do my best to reply.

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