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New state, new town, new house and a whole lot of chaos

So much has been going on lately that I just haven’t found a spare chance to blog. But as you can probably gather we moved, and not just a suburb or over an whole 9 hours away in another state. We have gone from living in a 3 bedroom townhouse to a 5 bedroom 1 acre semi rural property with my parents. Current hubby and J are still in canberra as hubby finishes up a few things.

So not only have we moved house it is a whole new lifestyle up here for us. No more running to the local woolies when you have forgotten something for dinner and getting stuff you need second hard can be a bit harder depending on what your after.

But super excited to have so much open space, amazing wildlife around us and the beach just a hop skip and jump away. Going to be even better when hour whole family is back under one roof and we can enjoy life to the fullest.

Cheap as Mum

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